What Is A Wall Hung Toilet? What To Know Before You Buy

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The latest European bathroom trend that has made its way to Canada is the elegant wall hung toilet.

And, we can see why.

It’s free from the unsightly tank and you can install it at the perfect height.

Bonus: It doesn’t even touch the floor, making it more hygienic and easy to clean.

And, let’s not underestimate how much space this demure toilet can save. 

In 2020, most of us are working with a five-by-eight foot space for our relaxing bathroom oasis. But, because of recent trends broadcasted across Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds, more and more people are now looking for tips on how to renovate a small bathroom to make it feel larger.

And isn’t it time that we pay more attention to the bathroom? More than half of homeowners spend 30-60 minutes a day in their bathrooms, even using mobile devices in their bathrooms at least once a week to do everything from check emails texting to read a book.

A wall hung toilet is a great way to make your bathroom feel more open while giving a more modern look.

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What is a Wall Hung Toilet?

A wall hung toilet is a system in which the toilet bowl is mounted directly to the wall, while its tank is installed inside the wall.

This allows wall hung toilets to take up less space.

Having the tank behind the wall gives a more modern look since the working parts are hidden. The tank installed in a wall carrier that is placed between two studs for support. 

What To Consider Before Purchasing Wall Hung Toilet

Normally, wall hung toilets are used in new builds or for renovation projects that involve large amounts of labour.

For a renovation project, your contractor would have to install the the tank and rough-in for the wall hung toilet behind the wall.

This installation process requires opening a wall, possibly rerouting pipes, and, if you plan to keep the same flooring, patching the tile under your old toilet.

It is much easier to plan for a wall hung toilet in a new build since the contractors can install the parts behind the wall before the bathroom is completed.

But, it is possible for a renovation as well. You just have to understand the construction of the wall is required to install the tank and wall carrier.

An important thing to note when shopping for a wall hung toilet for a renovation is to know what your wall studs are. Normally, these are either 2×4 or 2×6, for reference. You need to know this to help choose your wall carrier, since this is what the tank needs to be installed in within the wall cavity.

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Major Benefits of Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets save space in the bathroom while giving a more modern look since the tank is concealed behind the wall.

Since the bowl is placed above the floor these are also easier to clean. A clear space under the toilet means you can clean the flooring in a much quicker period of time and that you can remain standing while cleaning around the toilet, rather than needing to get on your hands or knees for cleaning.

It also offers versatility since you can customize the height of the toilet to your preference. This can be helpful if you are tall or short, and looking for a more comfortable height.

Typically, with one or two-two-piece toilets, Comfort Height will measure 17 to 19 inches from floor to seat and Standard Height will measure 15 inches.

 Wall hung toilets still have compatible bidet toilet seat options from brands such as Duravit and TOTO, so you can also complete your toilet with a high-tech accessory.


If you would like a personalized session to look at wall hung toilets on display at one of our branch, schedule an appointment.

We’re happy to help you with your bathroom renovation or new build.

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