Top 5 Kitchen Faucets of 2020

Top 5 Best Kitchen Faucets of 2020

New innovations have lead to a decade of the best kitchen faucets we’ve ever seen.

No longer is style the most important factor. Kitchen faucets have touch technology, water preservation, motion sensors, smooth pull-down faucets, and much more.

Here is our list of the top kitchen faucets of 2020 and why.

Top 5 Faucets of 2020 Compared

Delta Trinsic 9159-DST Faucet

One of Delta’s top kitchen faucets can be found in the Trinsic Kitchen Collection. This faucet is amazing. We love the Touch20 Technology most because a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle will trigger water flow. Some other features mentioned above:

Touch-Clean Spray Holes: This helps your Delta Trinsic Faucet stay clean longer. You can easily wipe away calcium and lime build up with the touch of a finger. Likewise, because of the Touch20 tech, your faucet will stay cleaner longer.

MagnaTite Docking and Pull-Down Swivel 360 Degree: This faucet pulls down and can swivel any direction you need it to! With the help of MagnaTite Docking, you can trust that powerful magnet will snap your faucet want back into place.

Diamond Seal Technology: This is your guarantee that Delta will pass the test of time. Your installation will be less of a hassle and your faucet will perform like new for life.

Automatic Water Shut-Off: After 4 minutes, your water will shut off which helps to conserve water.

LED TempSense Light: This light on the faucet does one of two things. First, it changes from blue to magenta to red as the temperature increases. Second, it flashes red when batteries are low.

“This faucet is beautiful and works so smoothly. Definitely the right choice. We bought a new one-hole sink at the same time (also beautiful) and we had no problem with installation, This faucet was $100 cheaper than other places so I couldn’t pass it up since it the one I wanted.”Celeste S.
  • Delta Trinsic Gold Kitchen Faucet
  • Delta's best kitchen faucet

Brizo Litze Articulating Kitchen Faucet

One of Brizo’s best kitchen faucets is the Litze kitchen faucet. It is elegant, yet bold, and strikes the perfect balance in a modern kitchen or urban industrial space.

However, this faucet’s functionality is ideal in any kitchen. The range of motion is incomparable to any other faucet, you just can’t beat the infinite possibilities in this design.

You can purchase this faucet with or without the SmartTouch Technology and TempID. This gives you the ability to tap anywhere on the faucet and turn the water on or off. The LED light indicates the different temperatures of your water. These features provides an added layer of high-tech performance.

The MagnaDock Technology is a strong magnetic docking system that ensures your new kitchen faucet stays new for years to come.

Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet

Our best-selling Moen faucet is the Arbor Kitchen Faucet. This faucet has a smooth profile and slight flare in the handle. It fits well with a transitional kitchen style! Besides the countless features of this faucet, the price is very attractive to the price-conscious consumer.

This faucet will be in it for the long run. You will never see those pesky water spots or finger spots on the faucet as it’s made of premium quality stainless steel. Its MotionSense technology is one of the main highlights of this product. You can turn on the water with just a wave of the hand. Also, if you place a pot, or cup below the faucet, water will automatically flow until you remove it.

How easy is that?

It has countless features and innovative technologies, such as:

Four Sprays: Although most faucets have 2 sprays, the Moen Arbor has 4. Most notable is the Power Clean spray that provides 5% more spray power. This allows you to fill up your sink faster or clean those extra dirty dishes.

Eco-Performance: This design makes sure the other spray modes use less water without sacrificing performance.

Reflex: This system makes for smooth operation. It ensures your wand is moving easily and docks securely after using the pull-out spray head.

“Pull down feature I highly recommend. The turbo boost feature for increasing the flow of water is something that comes handy when cleaning up items in the sink. If you have a double sink, the high neck of this faucet allows you to move easily back and forth. Truly spot resistant as well.”Morair

Blanco Posh Kitchen Faucet

One of Blanco’s best faucets is the Posh kitchen faucet. It has a sleek, timeless design with an insulated pull-out spray. The low-profile design is great for smaller kitchens, or ones with limited overhead space. This faucet is unlike the others because it has 11 different finishes that all match with Blanco sinks. You can choose from a variety of finishes from Chrome or Classic Steel, to dual or full-finish colour options.

We love that the faucets are offered in colour-coordinated finishes. As you can see, these match perfectly with the SILGRANIT sink colours to bring an entirely new look to your kitchen.

If you’ve loved living or travelling in Europe, this faucet carries a piece of that with its urban, European style pull-out.

“Items were even more gorgeous in person than online. Very expensive looking, especially my faucet which I’ve seen for double the price elsewhere. Packed incredibly well. Huge attention to detail when It came to delivering my sink and faucet Thank you!!” Connie S.

Kalia Karismatik Kitchen Faucet

Fall under the spell of Kalia’s best kitchen faucet, the Karismatik. This faucet embodies quality, beauty and charm. While easy on the eyes, its design is a great match for open spaces and modern style kitchens. Kalia’s focus is durability so you can rest easy knowing that this faucet’s function and beauty will last a lifetime.

This faucet is made from solid zinc construction in order to increase stability and durability. The faucet has 2 spray modes: regular stream and spray. The multi-directional faucet with 360 degree swivel spout also has an ultra-strong and silent 60″ nylon hose for optimal freedom of movement.

Choosing between the different brands and their faucets can take more effort than you’d expect. That’s why we have compiled this list of top 5 kitchen faucets you can buy in 2020 that balance budget, functionality, style and optimal pleasure!

We hope these reviews were helpful in choosing the right faucet for you.

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