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Kalia is more than a manufacturer, they are your partner for creating elegance and delivering outstanding durability.
The creators of Kalia share a passion for plumbing with over 20 years of experience.
They are driven by creativity and improve people’s daily well-being.
Their products represent innovation and beauty. These also meet and even surpass established standards and requirements. 

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Hot Trends: Kalia’s Top Shower Kits

  • Grafik Collection

    Kalia’s Grafik Collection has thermostatic shower systems which protects you from any sudden changes in water temperature. It keeps pressure and temperature constant for the perfect shower every time.  Each shower also has Aquatonik Technology which allows you to pre-set your water temperature while operating three components at a time.

    Grafik showcases round and square aesthetics. They are the perfect products if you are looking to create a modern or simplistic bathroom that is sure to stand out. This collection has so many faucets, shower heads, and shower systems to choose from.



  • SquareOne Collection


    This sleek shower system is incredibly functional. Like the Grafik Collection, it has Aquatonik Technology and thermostatic systems installed. It also includes a rain head with a 90 degree wall arm, a 2-jet hand shower and a wall bar for an easy-to-use gliding system.

    This shower kit’s modern and elegant design is sure to complement any contemporary bathroom spaces.

  • RoundOne Collection

    Kalia’s RoundOne Collection is just as sleek as the SquareOne collection, but of course, it is round. The features of the shower-head and handshower are much more round and soft. It has the rainhead with 90 degree wall arm, 2-jet handshower and the easy-to-use wallbar gliding system.

    This shower kit come in Matte Black which has been a top rated bathroom trend over the last year.

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