KALIA: Canadian brand for bath & kitchen fixtures

Founded in Québec by three passionate individuals with extensive experience in the plumbing industry, Kalia has grown to be one of our most innovative, high-quality, bath and kitchen suppliers. The Kalia team prides themselves on increasing people’s daily well-being through stylistic, water-saving solutions.

Kalia was created by David Poulin, Bruno Raby, and Marie-France Poulin, who each have more than 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry. The company is centred around the idea of responsible resource management practices with water.

“Kalia is more than a manufacturer. It’s your partner for creating the most beautiful water tales in your home. As water is the source of life, we believe it needs to be delivered through products whose elegance and outstanding durability and functionality will keep you fully satisfied for years.”



Kalia offers a wide range of products with unique trends and designs. With the three main divisions being kitchen, bath, and mirrors, Kalia’s product line consists of:

  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Shower kits
  • Shower doors & bases
  • Illuminated bathroom mirrors

With over 40 different collections, some of our favourites are the illuminated LED bathroom mirrors, the Grafik collection, and the BRAND NEW Skyridge collection.


Simply put, Kalia’s illuminated LED bathroom mirrors are fantastic. Not only do they make people say ‘wow’ when they walk into your bathroom – they are practical. You don’t understand how much you need a light-up mirror until you use one. The source of light is perfect for doing make-up, shaving, or even styling your hair. The LED lights are also great energy savers in comparison to incandescent bulbs. From the easy installation to the fascinating look, Kalia’s illuminated LED bathroom mirrors are essential to designing a modern bathroom.

BONUS TIP: Another convenient use for these illuminated mirrors is bedrooms or walk-in closets!

GRAFIK: Round and square, in perfect harmony

One of our favourite bathroom collections, Grafik, showcases a beautiful round and square aesthetic. Grafik products are perfect for those looking to create a modern or simplistic bathroom. Grafik faucets are functional, long-lasting, and have a high-end aesthetic.

Grafik is one of Kalia’s largest collections with multiple bathroom faucets, shower heads, and shower systems to choose from. A very popular trend in 2019 is Matte Black and the Grafik collection is perfect for those looking for trendy, Matte Black products. The Chrome & Matte Black colour combo on many of these products is unique and gorgeous.

SKYRIDGE: Icon of singularity and distinction

The latest addition to the Kalia family, the Skyridge collection, is set to release in March 2019. The design is nothing like we have ever seen before from Kalia. The Skyridge kitchen faucet combines a chef’s style with the crisp look of a modern faucet. The simple design helps the faucet blend with the room and brings the entire kitchen together. The faucet comes with two different spray modes and a mobile, magnetically docking spray head. You will fall in love with this faucet because of how smooth the spray head and levers are.

Kalia is an innovative brand that is based in Canada and offers high-end designs at an affordable price point. Want to see more? Check out a sample of the products we carry from Kalia.

If you have any questions, come chat with the experts at your local Splashes Bath & Kitchen showroom or send us a message now.

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