DXV Bath & Kitchen Luxury Collections Based on Historical Design Movements

DXV Collection Bathroom and Kitchen

DXV‘s collections are inspired by 150 years of influential design movements.

Rather than reproducing styles from the past, they reinterpret them.

Their portfolio includes bath-fixture suites, complementary faucet collections, kitchen sinks, fittings, and the AT Series, a smart toilet and bidet seat.

DXV‘s variety makes them the perfect luxury brand for any home.

The Classic Movement (1890 – 1920)

The collections representing this movement push beyond the boundaries of neoclassic designs. It feels fresher and has a more natural aesthetic.

It was actually designed to relieve the stress and disorder that came with urban industrial growth.

Fine art and architecture merge in the quality and craftsmanship of this collection.

Slide through to see all of the Classic Movement collections
  • st.george collection

    st george collection

    St. George Collection

  • oak hill collection

    oak hill collection

    oak hill collection

  • ashbee collection

    Ashbee Bathroom Collection

    Ashbee Bathroom Collection

  • landfair collection

    Landfair Bathroom Collection

    Landfair Bathroom Collection

  • hillside collection

    hillside kitchen sink collection

    hillside kitchen sink collection

  • victorian collection

    Victorian Kitchen Faucet Collection

    Victorian Kitchen Faucet Collection

The Golden Era (1920 – 1950)

After the war, a new spirit of experimentation developed when it came to design and decorative art. Industrial design was on the rise. It involved contouring, simplified geometries, and less decoration.

This era was thoughtful and reflected a modern society on the move.

Golden Era Collections

The Modern Era (1950 – 1990)

This is where bold, authentic products came into play. Artful lines and flowing forms created a sharp contrast in the room. The designs created a sensual, human-focused aesthetic that links utility with modern beauty.

This Modern Movement affirmed the power of the individual to rethink, reshape and redesign their desired environment.

The Modern Era collections
  • REM Collection

    REM Bathroom Collection

    REM Bathroom Collection

  • Fresno Kitchen Collection

    Fresno Kitchen Collection


  • Modulus Bathroom Collection

    Modulus Bathroom Collection

  • Lowell Bathroom Collection

    Lowell Bathroom Collection

The Contemporary Era (1990 – 2019)

Contemporary design is continually evolving. It combines influences of international and individual style.

It is ‘of the moment,’ reflecting to the complexity of our changing world. 

The Contemporary Era collections

    Equility Bathroom Collection

    Equility Bathroom Collection

  • AT Smart Toilet Series

    AT Smart Toilet Series

  • Percy Bathroom Collection

    Percy Bathroom Collection

  • Cossu Bathroom Collection

    Cossu Bathroom Collection

  • Isle Collection

    Isle Collection

By understanding the inspiration behind different styles, you can narrow down the best collection for your home.

Let us know if you have any other specific questions about any of these collections!

Also, feel free to drop-in to any of our Splashes Bath & Kitchen showrooms to see our wide selection of products and speak to our knowledgable staff about what would look and perform best in your home!

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