BLANCO Canada is expanding the colour palette of their beloved SILGRANIT kitchen sink collections. We’re extremely excited to bring to you the, all new, Concrete Gray colour.

Concrete Gray is a fresh, matte colour that embraces the pure beauty of concrete. This colour tone gives you the concrete look, but comes with all the benefits of a BLANCO SILGRANIT sink. This colour is a rapidly growing trend amongst interior designers in 2019.


SILGRANIT is a unique material made of up to 80% natural granite, patented by BLANCO, used to make kitchen sinks.

SILGRANIT is THE world leading coloured kitchen sink choice because it is as durable as rock and has a beautiful, smooth look and feel. Some of the benefits of SILGRANIT are that its:

  • Easy to clean > naturally smooth surface that is effortless to clean
  • Scratch resistant > manufactured with high-quality acrylic bonds ensuring the sink has outstanding strength and durability
  • Heat resistant > withstands up to 280oC (exceeding your typical boiling or baking temperature levels)
  • Impact resistant > made of 80% natural granite making the sink incredibly strong
  • Acid resistant > non-porous surface creates a repellant-like nature
  • Hygienic > repellant surface with Hygienic+Plus protection formula which doesn’t absorb bacteria OR odours
  • Non-fading colours > the beautiful surface will always stay beautiful
“SILGRANIT is Canada’s leading coloured sink material, a unique and durable composite that comes in more than 100 models”

Vancouver-based, interior designer, Karin Bohn, is in LOVE with her new SILGRANIT sink – Now that I have this sink, I actually can’t see myself ever owning a home again with a stainless steel sink”

Available Colours of SILGRANIT Sinks

With the addition of the Concrete Gray colour, there are now 8 different colours in the SILGRANIT line including Concrete Gray:




BLANCO’s IKON 33 Farmhouse Sink is the world’s first apron front sink – a drop-in sink that confidently stands out.

The apron front showcases the beautiful SILGRANIT material and turns your sink into a bold statement. The IKON 33 is a huge sink, which gives you a spacious, functional kitchen workspace. You can stick pots, pans, and baking trays into this sink AND still have room to wash your plates!


The PRECIS Cascade is a 1.5 bowl kitchen sink – there is the main sink area and the elevated, smaller bowl beside it. This elevated bowl is the perfect space for prepping veggies or drying dishes. The flow of the drain makes a soothing cascade effect, complementing the overall smooth design of this SILGRANIT sink.


PERFORMA U is more of a standard, 2-bowl drop-in sink where you have the primary sink space and a side area, typically used to mount a drying rack. With the low divider in the middle, the PERFORMA U sink can function in different ways for different scenarios. If you’re prepping for a large dinner, you can use both sink bowls for your prep, rather than using one for drying dishes.

The round, curved edges of this SILGRANIT sink contrast the modern, zero radius trend – great if you’re looking for a more unique design.

Counter-Top + Concrete Gray Combinations

If a full kitchen reno is on your mind, a Concrete Gray, IKON 33 Apron Front Sink is an EXCELLENT starting point. The colour is versatile and will look phenomenal if you can choose a counter-top that highlights it the way you always dreamed.

BLANCO has an awesome interactive colour tool, where you can see how different SILGRANIT sink colours look with all sorts of counter-top colours and materials. This tool doesn’t have the Concrete Gray colour on it yet; however, to give you a rough idea of the colour’s shade, Concrete Gray is a blend between Metallic Gray and White.

If you’re hoping to have your kitchen sink stand out: a dark, quartz material will make the sink look bold and GLOW. Something about a dark counter-top makes the entire kitchen look clean. It’s also important to note that the quartz in itself looks and feels sleek.


A Concrete Gray sink with a dark, quartz counter-top

On the other hand, maybe you want your Concrete Gray sink to blend in and be a low-key, yet bold fixture in your kitchen. The Concrete Gray colour fits effortlessly with a marble counter-top in a lighter shade. The Apron Front in the IKON 33 sink will blend so smoothly with the light material, it will look as if they were meant to be with each other.


A Concrete Gray sink with a light, marble counter-top

Even if your budget isn’t flexible enough to remodel your entire kitchen workspace, the Concrete Gray colour can honestly fit in ANY design. This concrete colour is one of those colours that complements or blends in whatever atmosphere, colour tone, or mood.


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