Top 5 Innovative Bath & Kitchen Products of 2019

2019 was a big year for style and design – but even bigger for innovation!

The evolution of classic, routine products with modern technology has created a new form of luxury and comfort.

These innovative products are solving market gaps by providing cutting-edge functionality to advance our quality of life. From leak detection to shower enhancements, these are the products you never knew you needed until now.

There were an incredible number of new products in 2019, but we have narrowed it down to our top 5 most innovative bath and kitchen products of the year to help your shopping experience in 2020.

1. Flo by Moen 

The ultimate in leak detection and proactive leak prevention technology.

The Flo allows you to conserve water by having the ability to monitor and control water remotely with your smartphone. 

This product is backed by years of product development ensuring it will detect and stop leaks. This can be from your toilet, shower, faucet, pipes in your foundation – or even behind the walls.

  • 40% of homeowners will suffer from water damage
  • 5X more likely than theft and 6x more likely than a fire
  • 17 gallons of water are lost in typical house leaks

Don’t wait until your house has water damage. With Flo, 60% of homeowners immediately discover a leak they didn’t know they had.

Flo by Moen runs daily tests to ensure your home plumbing is running effectively, and checks on leaks and potential vulnerabilities constantly. If a problem occurs or something is not right, an alert will be sent to your phone. By using your phone app, you can also set water consumption goals, monitor water use daily, and turn the water on and off.

1,510,466 gallons of water have been saved with Flo by Moen.

2. SensoWashi by Duravit

Meet the Rolls Royce of smart toilets.

The SensoWashi designed by Philippe Starck has a minimalistic design but is technologically innovative and advanced. It testifies to an entirely new feel for design, comfort, hygiene, quality of life, and technology.

Duravit USA President Tim Schroeder said they analyzed the toilet market and found that “customers put great emphasis on design.” Duravit then sought out to find a design concept that showcased high-tech functionality in a more creative way.

“Technical developments were just one aspect of the work — the greatest time went into creating the right design,” said Starck.

Some of the design-forward features include:

  • Rearwash
  • Ladywash
  • Comfortwash
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Heated Seat
  • Odor Extraction
  • Automatic Lid Open & Close
  • Night Light
  • Adjustable Water Temperature, Water Spray Intensity & Wand Position
  • Remote Control
  • Duravit Rimless
  • Hygiene Glaze

The design considers both functionality and design in every feature. Rimless toilets make for an efficient flush and optimum hygiene. Geometry, fluid mechanics and design can be successfully combined for maximum efficiency.

Plus, thanks to the open, easily accessible rim area, the bowl is particularly easy to keep clean, and reduces cleaning time considerably.

3. ShieldSpray Technology by Delta Faucets

Delta’s new ShieldSpray Technology cleans with 90% less splatter than a standard kitchen spray.

It fuses a concentrated jet within a protective sphere of water so you can spend less time soaking, scrubbing and shirt swapping.

The ShieldSpray wands can even be retrofitted onto an existing faucet since all of the technology is in the wand.

I never thought I would get so excited about a sink faucet, but I’ve been proven wrong. OMG. After giving up on another faucet after a two-day debacle over the holidays trying to install it, I chose this one on a whim as I was strolling down the aisle. Without consulting my wife. That’s right. When I brought it home, she was skeptical, especially of it’s unique look. However, after a VERY quick and easy install job, her skepticism was obliterated away like the food stains on our dishes, thanks to the cool ShieldSpray feature

The only con is that is makes me dissatisfied with every other faucet in my house – threatens my productivity as a human being because here I am, taking pictures of and writing a review about a sink faucet.”

4. LED-Illuminated Bathroom Mirror 24” X 24” by Kalia

Having an illuminated mirror is an effective way to make your bathroom more glamorous. They are an excellent source of lighting and add a sense of drama to the room. The different temperatures of light can set the mood unlike any other mirror.

This innovation features a circular mirror with a frosted strip, black frame, and touch-switch for colour temperature control. When you turn on your bathroom light, the mirror will also turn on. You can use the touch switch to change the temperature of the lighting.

And, you will never have to wipe steam off the mirror again with Kalia’s Anti-Fog system.

5. SenseGuard by GROHE

Another innovative leak detection system that hit the market this year is the SenseGuard by GROHE. This system monitors humidity and temperature, detects water leaks, instantly alerts you and shuts off water automatically.

With GROHE Sense Guard the moment a pipe breaks, AquaBlock reacts immediately, closing the valve, shutting off the water. The device is installed in your pipes for quick water detection to increase the response times.

One look at your smartphone tells you all you need to know: the water has been stopped and you can relax.

Moreover, GROHE Sense Guard instantly sends you a notification via the GROHE ONDUS app in case of a detected leak – whether it is a micro leak or a burst pipe.

  • Detects Pipe Breaks

    Detects a pipe break, instantly shuts off the water supply and alerts you.

  • AquaBlock

    Shut off the water supply either manually or automatically in case of a pipe break.

  • Detects Drop Leakage

    Detects drop leakages and instantly alerts you.

  • Detects Unusual Water Flow

    Detects unusual water consumption and instantly alerts you.

  • Detects Frost Risk

    Detects if the incoming water could cause frost and instantly alerts you.

  • AquaAlarm

    Receive situation dependent alerts via pulsating red light, beeping sound, push notification or email.

  • AquaTrack

    Tracks your water consumption accurately

  • NormallyOpen

    Water remains available in case of a power outage.

  • AqualQ

    The self-learning algorithm ensures that all alerts and actions are perfectly adapted to match your household consumption


    One app to access and manage all GROHE connected products from your mobile device.

As you can see, the amount and quality features of each product continue to set a high bar for the coming years.

Let us know if you have any other specific questions about any of these collections!

Also, feel free to drop-in to any of our Splashes Bath & Kitchen showrooms to see our wide selection of products and speak to our knowledgable staff about what would look and perform best in your home!

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