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May 2014


Choosing fixtures for your renovation can seem simple – new sink, new faucet and done!  Your new kitchen is complete, right?  What about all those other little extras that make your house special and your daily life easier?   Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres answers your questions about accessories in this month’s expert blog!


I have a small kitchen space, what accessories can I use to help maximize the space I have to work with?


When working with a small space, you will have more space when you reduce the clutter on your counter.  When choosing a kitchen faucet you may want to inquire about a coordinating soap dispenser, which will both match the faucet while minimizing your counter clutter. 


Sinks can also come with accessories to help, such as a wooden cutting board to fit into the sink itself or a stainless steel bin undermounted into the counter for your compost, such as the Blanco Solon Compost System.  Another nice addition is a grid to protect the bottom of your sink, which is useful as a cooling rack for hot dishes. 


I have a small bathroom space, what accessories are available to make my powder room clutter free and looking its best?

The bathroom is a place to get yourself ready for the day, it is a high traffic area that must accommodate for storage needs.  Most faucets have a line of accessories like towel racks and toilet paper holders, but did you know that some offer a wall mount hairdryer or toothbrush holder to clear off even more of your counter space?


Towel bar hooks are another handy accessory to increase useable space.  By adding them to your existing 24” towel bar, you can easily store items out of your way. Heated towel bars are a more luxurious accessory to reduce the dampness of your towels (resulting in less laundry) while providing the option to wrap yourself in warmth whenever you need it.  


I would like a very consistent look in my bathroom but there are so many finishes and so many options.  If I want that complete look, how do I best do that?


There are some amazingly beautiful finishes for faucets and accessories to really make your bathroom or kitchen look stylish.  The most important thing is to purchase all your fixtures from the same supplier – even if two different suppliers offer a Brushed Nickel finish, for example, it doesn’t mean they will match exactly.


Other accessories to look at within one supplier line include the toilet lever handle or even matching lighting fixtures.   If you would like this complete look, please ask our consultants at any Splashes showroom so we can walk through all the matching accessories with you.


My shower is cluttered with items, but I don’t want to put in cheap, plastic trays.  What are my options?


In the shower storing the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, shaving cream, soap, and more can be easily done with racks mounted on the walls in different sizes, colours and shapes to match your shower control finish and keep everything tidy.  We sell various lines and in non-plastic, high-quality options.


There are accessories available with hooks to hang on your shower curtain rod which can be used to hang items like a facecloth or sponge.  These hooks are also great for delicate hand-washed items as the water will drip right into the tub.  

If you would like the function of storing your products and having a sturdy bar to hold on to while getting in and out of your tub or shower, Moen makes a set of designer grab bars that also function as shelves or towel bars but each feature a 250-pound weight capacity and offer a SecureMount anchor for quick & easy installation.  Safety first!


The devil may be in the details, but adding the right accessories is heavenly!



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Do you find this expert advice helpful?  Submit your questions to us and we will feature answers on this blog to help you and others with your bathroom and kitchen fixture decisions.

April 2014


Whether you are upgrading the bathroom or doing a complete renovation, shower doors are one of the important things you should consider in your plans.  Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres answers your questions about the endless varieties of shower doors!


I am trying to think of the right shower door for the layout of my new bathroom. What are my options?


The options are almost as endless as the tub and shower combinations for your bathroom!  Do you want a corner shower, no-threshold, full-sized shower, tub and shower combination or a free-standing soaker tub?  Obviously, if you’re just putting in a soaker tub, shower doors aren’t going to be your next step.  However, many prefer showers for regular everyday use, meaning you may want to design for a shower AND a soaker tub in your new space.  


For most showers, you have the option of using a shower curtain instead of a glass door, but often times the glass is preferable.  A glass enclosed shower will make your space appear larger, but you do have to pay attention to the layout. 


I am not a fan of sliding shower doors on a tub shower due to cleaning, is there any other option other than a shower curtain?


If you’re adding a pivoting shower door, can it open without hitting any other items in the bathroom like the vanity or the toilet?  Functionally, does it allow you easy access to your towel bar?  For a frameless shower door, pivot hinges are best, as opposed to swing hinges, as they distribute the shower door’s weight better.  If a pivot door is not the best option for you, you can look to having the pivot door in the centre with fixed panels on either side or, if you’re in a tight space, a sliding shower door might be the answer.


We have a new shower door option in our showrooms for a tub application that flips and folds against itself to minimize the required space, and has no track along the tub which is perfect for easy cleaning.


Sliding doors are the easiest model to fit, but make sure they have the accessories you need.   It is important to note that sliding doors are not what you remember from the 70’s and 80’s!  There are many beautiful designs that can hang frameless for a very modern look in your home.


What are the other things I should be aware of when looking to replace or add shower doors?


The thickness of the glass can vary greatly and this will be a part of your decision when looking at the style of shower doors you wish to purchase.   Tempered glass is heated until it is about four times stronger than regular glass, making breaking unlikely.  Of course, cost increases with the thickness of the glass, but a thicker piece of glass will look more transparent and will show off your new tiles!

When looking at your full bathroom design, pay attention to the colours of your faucets as this could be tied into the trim on your shower doors – do you want chrome, brushed nickel or something more unique?  Be sure to ask about finishes for the glass that allow for easy cleaning and less marking.


If you have a tall family, understanding various height options for your shower door is another great point as you don’t want it to be cumbersome to get in and out of your shower.


I would like something custom built for my shower.  Is that possible?


There is always an option to have your needs met using a custom glass door order.  This would be priced out after the space has been professionally measured and installed.

Ask your Questions


Do you find this expert advice helpful?  Submit your questions to us and we will feature the answers on this blog to help you and others with your bathroom and kitchen fixture decisions.