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January 2013


Adapting your bathroom for aging or disability is an important step that ensures your home is safe for you and your loved ones.  There are many options you can use to adapt your bathroom without making it look institutional. To help with our decisions, Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps to answer your questions.


I need to make changes in my home as a family member is moving home after surgery, has a disability or is aging at home. What are my best options?


If you need to adapt your bathroom for someone who has unique needs, you don’t have to settle for an institutional look.  Firstly, a tall or “right height” toilet can help someone with mobility issues without the need for adaptive or raised toilet seats. 


Secondly, accommodating the bathroom sink at the best height for wheelchair access is important.  Wheelchair seats are usually 30 to 34 inches high, so you want to adjust the height and position of the sink to accommodate.  This is easily done with the use of a wall-hung sink or semi pedestal sink.  Many faucets and shower heads carry the certification that they are ADA compliant showing their ease of use for people with disabilities. 


Thirdly, adaptive bath tub or shower options include walk in tubs and walk in showers, which are widely available.  Walk in tubs, for example, are adaptive for those who have a hard time climbing into a regular tub and are actually similar to traditional Japanese style soaker tubs.  These tubs offer a small door to enter into the tub and allow the bather to sit upright so the water fills up higher than a typical tub.   Many walk in showers, or no threshold showers, also have a small built in seat or one that can fold down, as required.


Finally, installing grab bars is important for safe mobility in the bathroom, however, many traditional grab bars would add an institutional lookto your home.  Moen offers a beautiful grab bar line that offers additional functionality as they also operate as a toilet paper holder, towelshelf or bathing products shelf.  These grab bars are very stylish but are mounted in the way that can take the full weight of someone who requires it. 



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