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September 2012


Bathroom renovations along with kitchen renovations can increase the value of your home.  Where a standard toilet in the past was an easy decision, there are a lot of variations of toilets today.  To help with understand what to look for when you purchase a new toilet, Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps to answer your questions.


There seem to be many considerations when looking at a toilet.  What do I need to know?


Toilets can be purchased in varying shapes, heights, flushing mechanisms and overall looks. 


Depending on the shape of your room or your preference, you might look to purchase either a round bowl or an elongated bowl for your toilet. The difference in depth is typically around 1.5" where the elongated bowl is deeper and, for some, more comfortable.  In most instances, the lower part of the bowl, trapway size and water used remains the same for either type.


Tall individuals and those with mobility problems can look for tall or “right height” toilets which might be more comfortable than a standard height toilet.  Many toilets are being manufactured now with attention paid to the finish for both easy cleaning and to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface.


Skirted toilets, which offer straight side along the toilet to hide the piping lines, are becoming quite popular as they offer a more modern look and make for easy cleaning.  When looking at skirted toilets for your bathroom, you might consider a renovation that includes running the water lines up from the floor for a very streamlined end product.  However, it is not necessary if you have existing water lines as there are options, such as with Toto, where the toilet skirt is fixed on the toilet with Velcro allowing for access to the water pipes.


Families looking for solutions in the washroom, especially when accommodating young children in the bathroom, might look to an option such as a special toilet seat.  Bemis provides this options for families with their Next Step seat that provides two toilet seats in one, one regular sized and a smaller baby seat that folds down.  This eliminates the need for a training potty in your bathroom as it makes your regular toilet a perfect fit. This solution is great as the baby seat is easily removable for a family as it grows and changes.  



Ask your questions?

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