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What NOT to waste your money on in the Kitchen


You've scoured the home magazines and are set on a design. After a few months, you realize that your "perfect kitchen" is full of flaws! Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Here's our experts' opinion on what you can do to save some money in your kitchen reno or update.


Short Cabinets

That space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling is either going to collect dust or clutter, or both. Installing cabinets that go to the ceiling will eliminate the need for that extra-long dusting wand, and give you more space to store that hot-dog maker the kids never use anymore. 


Cheap Cabinets

Speaking of cabinets, installing cheap ones will end up costing you more in the long run. Sure, they look nice, but cheaply made cabinets will show wear and tear under quicker under heavy use. Instead of replacing your current ones, try freshening up the current set with new paint or hardware. 


Dim Lighting

Accent lights can be great eye-catchers, but your kitchen is lacking other light sources, your pretty pendants will soon become a pain. Instead of splurging on a few statement fixtures, spread your money around! Installing a dimmer and including some under-the-counter lighting will make better use of your dollars. 


Major Remodel

You may not need to rip your kitchen down to the studs. No, really. You can save dollars and your sanity by opting out of tearing your most-used room apart. Simply adding a new sink and faucet, and painting something can save a major headache.


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