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June 2014


A bathroom vanity can stand out as the centerpiece in your bathroom space but choosing one for your needs is not always simple! Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres answers your questions about vanities in this month’s expert blog!



What do I need to consider when looking for a new bathroom vanity?


Firstly, as you would expect, you need to work within your space. Not many people have a grand bathroom where a large vanity will fit perfectly, but understanding your space constraints to start is key. Many of our lines, like Ronbow, have modular style systems that allow you to build to your space without the price tag of a fully customized unit.


Secondly, watch where your plumbing is in the wall if you don’t have a big budget. If you have to install a vanity where there hasn’t been one before, you need to be sure you don’t have to re-route pipes and drains, which will eat up a lot of your budget.


Thirdly, check the materials of the vanity or that it is made for the purpose of a bathroom. We love the antique & chic look of reclaiming a piece of living room furniture into a bathroom vanity but if it hasn’t been treated for the humidity and wear of a bathroom, it will likely not last that long. You don’t want to be looking at MDF or particle board either as it will warp in the humidity over time.


Fourth, most bathroom vanities are ultimately purchased to offer you additional storage in the bathroom. Our bathrooms are high traffic areas and require space for our many supplies & products that must be easily accessible. Look at your current space to help you determine what you need so you can look for the best fit for you. You can also buy or build-in medicine cabinets for additional storage too, like some of our options from Robern.



Bathroom vanities seem to be more about look than function, what are the finishes that are available?


Yes, the look of your vanity for your bathroom will be key but many people care about the function just as much. For example, many of our vanities have slow close doors and drawers or even built in night-lights for an overall more pleasant experience. Also, all of our Ronbow bathroom furniture is dove-tail, all wood construction (no particle board or fillers) using Canadian wood and built in Canada, which is a big selling feature for many.


The finished vanity comes in many varied options. You can customize your options for size (length, height and depth), for style (traditional, modern, classic, wall-mount), and colour (cherry, cinnamon, white, slate gray, black).



To finish the top of my vanity, what are my options for the sink top?


The majority of our vanities come with a sink top option that allows you to use one built in piece with the sink included or allow you top the piece with granite and a drop-in sink or vessel sink. We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.



Ask your Questions


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