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January 2014


It’s a new year!  With all the possibilities looking forward to this New Year, are you looking at a drab bathroom?  Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres answers your questions below on bathroom sinks.


I need to replace my old drop in sink in my bathroom.  What is the best sink for me?


This is a tough question to answer broadly since customers have many different needs in their bathroom.  Do you have an active family that requires a sturdy, easy to clean sink or do you want a dazzling signature piece in your bathroom?  As you are asking about replacing a drop in sink, so if that is all the work you’re doing in your bathroom, you’ll be restricted to finding something of a similar size and installation.


However, if you would like to do more than just a sink replacement then you have many options! There are many different types sink styles to choose from including undermount, drop-in (self-rimmed), pedestal, wall-mount, vessel, and countertop sinks.


A drop in, undermount or countertop sink would be great for an active family needing style and durability with access to cleaning.  Where a pedestal or wall mount sink are great for small spaces like your powder room, where you don’t need much storage either.   A vessel sink, on the other hand, can be a lovely focal point for your bathroom and look stunning.


Do I need to buy a new faucet for my new sink?


You don`t need to buy a new faucet however, with a beautiful new sink you can always complement it with a simple new lavatory faucet without changing anything else. Ultimately, you do not want to mismatch the styles or colours of a faucet with a new sink. 


One point to remember is that most faucets come with a drain to accommodate a sink with an overflow hole.  If you’re buying both separately you’ll need to ensure that your sink and faucet with the drain are compatible.  If your sink has no overflow, then you should be purchasing an open grid drain.  If you are considering a vessel sink, you will also need to consider if the faucet you want is tall enough to accommodate the vessel sink and a vanity that will complement the overall look.


If I want to completely redo the sink area in my bathroom, what do I need to consider?


If you`re looking to replace the sink, faucet and vanity in your bathroom, the main measurement you need to be concerned about is the overall space in the room.  You may have the space to add a second sink or you may choose to have that as extra counter space instead.


There are many beautiful bathroom vanities that can provide your bathroom with a very modern or even a very classic look.  A vanity can be built where you use a drop in sink to complete the look, a full countertop sink (where the top of the vanity is the sink and extended slab.


Ask your Questions

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