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December 2013


For this month’s expert advice, we wanted to focus on the kitchen sprayer as there are many questions from our customers about the functionality of a sprayer in their kitchen and we thought we could help.  Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres answers your questions below on the differences between kitchen sprayers.


Why would I choose to have a kitchen faucet with a pull down spray included in the faucet rather than a separate kitchen sprayer?


The difference between adding a separate sprayer or including the pull-down spray in the faucet might be as simple as the number of holes you have available on your chosen sink or existing sink/counter. Ultimately, it comes down to the look you want in your kitchen – a faucet where a pull-out or pull-down is included within provides you with the functionality of the sprayer without a cluttered look at your sink.  


What is the difference between a pull-out and a pull-down faucet?


In many cases these terms are used interchangeably as both of these options include a sprayer in the kitchen faucet itself, instead of a separate sprayer on the side of the sink.  Pull-down and pull-out faucets differ primarily in the orientation of how the spray head comes out of the faucet spout.

A pull-down faucet features a tall faucet head/sprayer that pulls straight down into the sink.  Pros: Usually has a tall arc spout and is considered more ergonomic because it offers one fluid hand motion (pulling down) without having to twist and maneuver the hose to the side.  Cons: Faulty weights on the cheaper models can cause the spout head/sprayer to dangle.

A pull-out faucet features a faucet head/sprayer that pulls out towards you. Pros: Can pull out and swivel to the side to easily fill pots on the countertop; typically a lower profile arc, which is preferable if you're working in a small area or have a lower window sill placed behind your sink; generally less splashing than a pull-down.  Cons: Not great for filling tall pots.

Deciding between a pull-down or a pull-out faucet comes down to which option best suits the way you work in your kitchen and the style of your home.  Visit one of our showrooms to touch and play with your various options.


There appears to be different ways to “dock” the spray head when using a pull-down.  What is better – magnets or weighted?


Both of these docks work well when properly installed.  The magnet will pop the head back into place and will hold it in place well.  A weighted option uses a counter balance to pull the head back into place and hold it there.  The weight can be installed incorrectly or find obstructions under the sink, but when properly installed it offers an easy hands free way of retracting the head into place.

You will notice in many showrooms – including ours! – the kitchen sink display models are shown on pods and not properly installed in a sink.  This results in some pull-down heads looking droopy or showing a loose fit.  This will be corrected with a proper installation in your home.


What about the hoses? Any suggestions?


The typical choice for a hose in a pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucet is made of either braided nylon or metal.  The metal hoses are more durable and do not fray but is typically a noisier option where braided nylon is easier to operate and much quieter. 


I like the heavy metal construction of a good quality faucet so why is the head of the sprayer typically plastic?


Firstly, cheaper faucets typically do use plastic parts in their workings and choosing brass or ceramic instead of plastic will always give you a longer-lasting faucet.   However, the head of a pull-down faucet is another matter due to safety; the head is plastic to reduce the chance of a burn to the user as it won’t heat up with hot water.  Metal spray heads are not common as they must be insulated carefully to not conduct heat which increases the price point considerably.  A plastic head provides the added benefit of a lighter head for ease of use, which is typically preferred by most homeowners.


What else should I consider?


Moen has a great spot resistant finish on their models which ensures no finger prints are left on the faucet which gives it a cleaner look that is easy to maintain.


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