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July 2013


Do you ever look at your shower and think that you could make a simple upgrade and actually enjoy your shower more?  Updating your shower is not as simple as you would think!  Here to explain your options for your shower, Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps to answer your questions.


What is the simplest way to update my shower?


The simplest thing you can do to update your shower is to replace your existing shower head - simply unscrew and put a new one on.  This quick change can help you to update to a more water efficient shower head, offer a different spray pattern or give you an option of using a hand shower with a hose that can come off the existing arm allowing you to rinse the walls, yourself, the kids, the dog!


At Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres, we offer shower kits from our various suppliers to meet your needs.  Of course, we can customize this and sell you the components separately so you can co-ordinate the style, or colour of the original pieces, such as in a brushed nickel.



Is every fixture in my shower interchangeable?


No, unfortunately they are not. 


If you want to change the plate and handle that control the temperature and volume of your shower, you must stay with the same brand, for example, Moen or American Standard because you must make sure that the "rough in" or brains of the system behind the wall which matches the fixtures outside the wall. Once the rough in is installed behind the wall, you can't make changes without tearing things down.   With one brand, such as Moen or American Standard, there may be four different rough in set ups.  If you are unsure about what rough in you have, the best way to tell is to take some photos to show us where the screws are on the plate for when you come in to select your new handle and plate.  


If you would like a different shower set up entirely, you will need changes and upgrades with your plumbing in the wall, so you may not be able to replace it and then we should start to plan for a whole NEW shower!

What are my shower options if I want to start over or I’m building a new bathroom?

We highly recommend coming into one of our showrooms to discuss with our consultants on your needs and wants as there are so many options when it comes to showers!  Firstly, it is important to truly understand what type of operation you wish for your shower.  Do you want multiple options - shower head, hand shower, bathtub spout and body sprays?  Do you want to set your temperature and control the volume of water spray?


Choosing a rough in to match your wants is important – do you want to direct the water to one place, multiple places one at a time, or multiple places at the same time.  For example, if you want a 10" rain shower head to pour down onto you with body jets surrounding you, is it important that they can all turn on at the same time?


The benefit to you is that our suppliers have various packages that are able to meet ALL of your shower needs!  For example, Grohe has some complete kits put together with a hand shower on a slide bar, a rainhead and the controls for under $800.00.  Had you purchased these pieces separately, it would cost considerably more.  Along with different configurations to meet your needs our suppliers also offer a variety of styles – traditional or modern - so you can find something that works best for you in both function and look.


Ask your Questions

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