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BLANCO IKON 33® Apron Front Sink

Product Description

The Ikon® Apron Front Sink by Blanco is a farmhouse granite kitchen sink made of natural granite composite, SILGRANIT® material. This ensures the sink will not scratch or stain in order to maintain its beauty for many years and is both extremely hard-wearing and exceptionally easy to clean. This IKON® is the colour Grey.

Colour is such an important part of our lives, especially within our homes. It is a fundamental aspect of interior design, and we use it as a form of creative expression. It has the power to uplift us, energize us, soothe us and make us feel more alive.

Awaken your senses and explore our beautiful nature-inspired SILGRANIT® colours. Our palette of seven different warm and cool neutral tones are designed to help you create your perfect space. Whether you want drama with contrasting hues or a sense of tranquillity with harmonious tones - our palette has something for everyone.


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